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Neill is one of the world’s leading Middle Eastern political historians and specialist in the modern history of Europe and the Mediterranean.

He has served as an advisor to politicians in the Middle East, on both sides of the political divide, and consults for business leaders. Neill is a regular commentator in the international press and often appears on television news in the UK, Europe and America.


Neill Lochery is a specialist in politics and modern history of Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East. He received his PhD from Durham University and is currently The Catherine Lewis Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies at University College London.

Recent research has encompassed the political and economic issues facing Europe and the Mediterranean. Published research includes, Anglo-Israeli relations, Arms Sales to Israel, Israeli electoral politics, Israel’s Second Lebanon War, the Middle East Peace Process and a comparative study of the peace processes of Northern Ireland and the Middle East.
Latest Publication
In Brazil, Neill reveals the secret history of the country’s involvement in World War II, showing how the cunning statecraft and economic opportunism of Brazil’s leaders transformed it into a regional superpower over the course of the war. Brazil: Fortunes of War, World War II and the Making of Modern Brazil is published by Perseus Books (Basic), USA.
Brazil Fortunes of War
When World War II erupted in 1939, Brazil seemed a world away. Lush, remote, and underdeveloped, the country and its capital of Rio lured international...

Lisboa A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974
  In this engaging, accessible and impeccably researched book, Lisboa: A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974, tells the stories of the colourful array of international personalities...

This brilliantly researched, atmospheric history of Portugal’s capital city during World War II is a gripping tale of high-stakes intrigue, betrayal, double-dealing and...

Loaded Dice
Professor Lochery examines the truth of the myth that the British Foreign Office has been heavily prejudiced in favour of the ...

The View from the Fence (2005)
The Arab-Israeli conflict has for too long been seen as a simple tale of right versus wrong, good versus evil or, since...

Why Blame Israel?
A provocative new history of a troubled country at the centre of the world stage. For a surprising number of people, Israel has...

The Difficult Road To Peace
In May 1996 Binyamin Netanyahu became Israel’s first directly elected prime minister amid widespread international concern about the future of...

The Israeli Labour Party
The Israeli Labour Party and its forerunner Mapai dominated the pre-state Jewish organisations in Palestine and the early years of...