Neill Lochery is a world-renowned source on the politics and modern history of Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East. He has authored a series of critically acclaimed books, including the international bestseller Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945 and most recently Brazil: The Fortunes of War, World War II and the Making of Modern Brazil.  Neill frequently appears on TV and radio around the world, and is also a contributor to leading newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal. 

Neill’s interest in politics and history started at an early age, at home in Scotland in the late 1960’s, where he began to consume the contents of newspapers and magazines, and kept many features and articles for his scrapbooks.

His first major research project (conducted in Israel and the Middle East) formed the basis for his first book, The Israeli Labour Party: In the Shadow of the Likud, published in 1997. He subsequently produced a further four books, which focused on the Middle East – Loaded Dice (2007), The View from the Fence (2005), Why Blame Israel (2004), and The Difficult Road to Peace (1999). The View from the Fence, was shortlisted for the 2006 Jewish Quarterly Wingate Prize, and additionally featured in David Hares’s Broadway hit - The Wall.  More on each book, or to buy online, go to the specific book in the adjacent “Books” section.

Since late 2000, his books have focused on the wider Mediterranean Middle East, as well as delving into new aspects of World War II.

Lisbon: War in the Shadows in the City of Light, 1939-1945, published worldwide by Public Affairs in 2011, recounts the pivitol role the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, played during World War II and how this small European country, guided by its authoritarian leader Antonio Salazar, survived the war not only physically intact but significantly wealthier. You can read more on the book, including an authors note Neill wrote specifically for the website. Go to the dedicated page Lisbon >>

Lisbon is an international bestseller, with foreign language editions published in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Latin America, as well as an award-winning audio edition.  Links for more details or to buy the foreign language editions direct are in the Useful Links section on the Contacts page >>

Based on his Lisbon book, in 2012 Neill produced a major exhibition that looked at the thousands of refugees who passed through Lisbon in World War II.  The exhibition, Lisbon: Bottleneck of Europe in WWII, 1939-1945, hosted at the prestigious gallery of the Mayor of Lisbon, presented many new and rarely seen photographs and documents, and highlighted some of the compelling stories of the refugees, many of whom were Jewish and many of whom were children. The exhibition received widespread acclaim from press and visitors alike.  A selection of press interviews and media coverage can be viewed in the Talks and Events section >>

At the end of 2013, Neill completed a new work on the modern history of Portugal; Outside Looking In, 1933-1974 tells the stories of the colourful array of international personalities who came to the city of Lisbon during one of the most controversial periods in its modern history – the period of the Portuguese Estado Novo (New State). He is currently working on a further book, which focuses on Portugal’s post-revolution period to the present day - and draws upon previously unreleased British diplomatic papers, secured by Neill under the Freedom of Information Act. The book casts new light on the country’s most recent history in Europe and the wider world, and will be published during 2015.

In his most recent international book, Brazil: The Fortunes of War, World War II and the Making of Modern Brazil, published worldwide by Basic Books in 2014, Neill reveals a long-buried chapter of World War II, showing how the cunning statecraft and economic opportunism of Brazil's leaders, under the dictatorship of Getulio Vargas, transformed it into a regional superpower and uncovers the little-known origins of one of the world’s emerging economic powerhouse. You can read more on the book on the dedicated page for Brazil >>

Neill has a PhD from Durham University (Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies) and is currently Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies at University College London.

Coupled with his ongoing research and teaching at UCL, in the past decade Neill has served as an advisor to several political leaders providing expert insight on current affairs of Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East. He also provides consultancy to companies on a broad range of topics - from risk assessments on the Middle East to more bespoke consultancy projects.

As well as giving a number of private and public seminars each year (a number of his public speaking appearances are highlighted in the Talks and Events section >>) he is a frequent contributor to newspapers around the world. He has op-ed and commentary articles published in The Wall Street Journal, National Post (Canada), Jerusalem Post, The Scotsman, New York Sun, The Washington Post and United Press International. A full list of his press and journal articles can be found in the Journalism section >> and as often as possible there is a link provided to the article itself.

Neill is married and has two children.  He divides his time between London, Portugal and the United States. He is an improving golfer, and enjoys a round of the great Scottish game – whatever the weather.

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